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What is Supadu

A global leader in powering publisher websites, search engines and data through the Supafolio publishing platform. Supadu allows marketers to own the experience they deliver to their customers across all devices and empowers developers through the API and WordPress plugin. We believe in simplifying technology.

Our web publishing solution

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Supafolio data management system

Control your metadata in real time directly to your websites. Add additional assets, change information, create catalogues and boost search all without needing to write code.

Drag and drop marketing website builder

The marketing drag and drop website builder allows non-technical users to quickly and cost effectively create responsive branded landing pages. These are then integrated with your ONIX through the Supafolio WordPress plugin.

Supafolio WordPress plugin

Supafolio WordPress plugin is integrated with the Supafolio API and the data management system - It allows you to display metadata in many ways in order to build a fully featured WordPress publishing website. Includes a full search engine as well as displaying carousels, grids, product and author pages.

Having complete creative control over how you build your website

Supafolio allows you to select the elements you would like to be projected onto the web page within each Supafolio widget. Build a product page or search results page in minutes with a simple click.  Selecting the elements you would like to be displayed on the website, title, prices, third party buy buttons, author, description, search filters and pagination is quick and easy. Once all the elements have be selected, simply add the short code to your WordPress page.

Responsive Moules

Full range of services

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Selling online has come a long way: At Supadu we create industry-defined e-commerce solutions for global brands through third party payments systems.

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As front end specialists, we analyse user engagement, carry out extensive user testing and create compelling experiences across all digital touchpoints.

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Manage and Support

Enterprise solutions on software as a service (“SaaS”) or managed service basis with implementation and support agency arm.


Control Your Data

Supafolio metadata asset management system for book publishers: control your campaigns and web content in real time directly to your websites. 

Allowing marketing and editorial staff the ability to manage the display of book titles and authors on their websites, using an industry-standard feed such as ONIX.

SupaFolio allows the default metadata to be updated and changed, and also provides tools to allow additional assets to be added to a book title and/or author page - e.g. PDF, mp3, video, website links, web samplers and images.

Supafolio WordPress plugin and API

Publish once; view everywhere. Your audience is everywhere and anywhere, and they expect to find you where ever they are. The Supafolio plugin for WordPress is integrated with the Supafolio API and the data management system which can be configured - without writing code - to display metadata in several responsive ways to build a fully featured WordPress publishing website. Includes a full search engine plus displaying carousels, grids, product pages and author pages.


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“Supadü enables us to create rich, compelling websites with speed, economy and superior in-house content management capabilities, while at the same time putting regional production power and relevance into the hands of local teams.”

Georgina Hill, VP, Discovery Digital Media

"Supadü empowers our staff to build interactive and engaging web content quickly and easily that support our online marketing efforts without having to hire an agency.”

Adrian Norman, VP, Simon & Schuster Digital

“Supadü allows us to create rich and sticky new websites with an unparalleled level of in-house content management. We are able to make changes to the site with ease, and entirely independent of an external agency. Even I can do it!”

Susannah Nuckey, Head of Children's Marketing, Bloomsbury