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The Website Development & Content Management System used by leading companies

Simply integrate third party e-commerce platforms like Magento, Digital River and Google Wallets


No other Content Management System comes close to the functionality and flexibility of Supadu’s fully responsive CMS. You have complete control over your designs through our module architecture



SupaFolio allows the default metadata to be updated and changed - such as titles, description etc. Not only can you change information, you can add additional assets such as video, PDF and mp3

Industry-specific apps

Supadu Toolkit is full of customised applications which seamlessly integrate with your data and social media

Supadü Feature

Complete creative control over how you build your website

SupaCMS is built on a strong foundation of powerful features.
Each module has unique options giving you complete creative control over your website


The Rotating Carousel allows you to display a selection of images, videos , text and can include links

You can incorporate as many image and text boxes as you like on your page

The ISBN Book Carousel displays a list of titles along with description, book jacket and a link to the book details page

Publishing Toolkit

Book Search

Exhibits a list of books that match any entered keyword or chosen category (e.g. imprint). Includes pagination and filtering

ISBN Look Up

The user enters one or more ISBN numbers, selects a layout (e.g. grid, carousel, list) and the book cover, title and author will appear on the page

Book Details

Displays a page for each title along with purchase links, description, book jacket image and SEO-friendly URL

Control your data

SupaFolio is a metadata asset management system for book publishers.

Allowing marketing and editorial staff the ability to manage the display of book titles and authors on their websites, using an industry-standard feed such as ONIX.

SupaFolio allows the default metadata to be updated and changed, plus providing tools to allow additional assets to be added to a book title and/or author page - e.g. PDF, mp3, video, website links, web samplers and images

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Responsive Design

Publish once; view everywhere.

Your audience is everywhere and anywhere, and they expect to find you where ever they are. Design your site in the web browser, and Supadu’s fully responsive platform will adapt it to all devices - including iPhones, iPads and any other smart phones and tablets.

We are constantly developing and evolving to ensure our platform works on all devices.

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“Supadü enables us to create rich, compelling websites with speed, economy and superior in-house content management capabilities, while at the same time putting regional production power and relevance into the hands of local teams.”

Georgina Hill, VP, Discovery Digital Media

"Supadü empowers our staff to build interactive and engaging web content quickly and easily that support our online marketing efforts without having to hire an agency."

Adrian Norman, VP, Simon & Schuster Digital

“Supadü allows us to create rich and sticky new websites with an unparalleled level of in-house content management. We are able to make changes to the site with ease, and entirely independent of an external agency. Even I can do it!”

Susannah Nuckey, Head of Children's Marketing, Bloomsbury

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